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Is laser hair removal safe?

Yes. Laser hair removal has been approved by the FDA and is considered a safe and effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair.

This technology can be used on just about every part of the body, including your back, legs and underarms as well as the more sensitive areas such as your face and bikini line.

Laser hair removal is:

  • Non-invasive - meaning that it doesn’t have to penetrate the skin to work. Instead, the laser light targets the melanin in your hair, disabling the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding skin in tact.
This is why laser hair removal works best on patients with lighter complexions and dark hair – the more melanin that’s present in your skin, the more difficult it is to properly target the laser.
  • Laser hair removal does not use needles or harsh chemicals - and while there is some risk for scarring and/or burns, these side effects are considered rare when the laser is operated properly by a licensed professional.

More common side effects such as minor irritation and skin discoloration are temporary and will go away without the need for additional treatment. Some patients report minor discomfort during the laser hair removal procedure however, with the use of cooling agents or topical anesthesia, this discomfort is drastically minimized.Laser hair removal does not require any lengthy hospital stay, bandages or special diet.

The only nutritional caution related to laser hair removal is the intake of Beta-carotene. This nutrient is found in Vitamin A, carrots and several other vegetables and can increase the risk for blistering and/or burning. It is suggested that you remove Beta-carotene from your diet several months before pursuing any laser hair removal treatments.

  • Patients are able to resume a normal lifestyle after laser hair removal is done. After a laser hair removal treatment, most patients are able to resume their normal lifestyle without restrictions. Bathing, driving, working and other activities will not be affected by your laser hair removal procedures.

Because of the skin sensitivity, it is recommended that patients limit makeup and moisturizers after a laser hair removal treatment. Patients should also ask their doctor about using a sun block after the procedure to help prevent any post-treatment irritation.

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